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Massachusetts - New York - Vermont Tri-state

Coordinates (NAD27) N4244'44.5" W7315'55.1"
UTM Coordinates (NAD27) 18T 641990 4733823
UTM Coordinates (WGS84) 18T 641977 4734034
Elevation 1420 feet (432.8 meters)


The tri- state monument is a 12x12 granite monument inscribed with the names of the states and the year 1898. It stands a hundred feet W of an abandoned road near a Williams College camping shelter. You can reach this point via the Taconic Crest Trail to the W by driving to the Petersburg Pass parking area at the MA-NY state line on Mass. Rt. 2 and hiking 1.5 miles N to the NY-VT state line. The trail offers excellent views to the W. Along the way, you can try to find MA-NY milepost 49, a cast-iron monument typical of those along the MA-NY boundary. When you reach the NY-VT state line you can visit the SW corner of VT, a large marble obelisk, by hiking 250 feet W. To reach the tri-state monument, start about 200 feet S of the state line and descend the slope along a stream to the woods road. Rocks in the stream bed are wet and slippery. Travel N along the road until you see the shelter and nearby monument.

Jack Parsell describes an approach from the E that may be easier, especially during winter.

Photos (click to enlarge)

New York and Vermont sides of the monument.
Photo by Brian J. Butler
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