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Iowa - Nebraska - South Dakota Tri-state

Coordinates (NAD27) N4229'22.8" W9626'35.4"
UTM Coordinates (NAD27) 14T 710138 4707087
UTM Coordinates (WGS84) 14T 710125 4707314
Elevation 1068 feet (325.5 meters)


This tri-state is in the center of the Missouri River near its confluence with the Big Sioux. There is a boat club with a ramp on the north side of the Big Sioux W of the tri-point. There is also a public boat ramp on the Missouri about 1.5 miles downstream of the tri-point. A bike path connects the two and provides a close approach to the tri-point for photos. From this vantage we noticed some camping trailers at a beach on the Nebraska side, almost opposite the tri-point. To reach the camp, cross the bridge into South Sioux City, NE and take 9th Street W. Turn right on Dixon Path and follow this to the end at an auto salvage yard. Just beyond the junkyard are several houses and a dirt road leading to the beach and camp. The property owner, Mr. McGinty, lives in the house whose garage opens onto the dirt road.

We took turns using the inflatable kayak for exact visits to the tri-point. The current was fairly strong but manageable.

Photos (click to enlarge)

View of the tri-point from the bike path in Iowa. The point of land at right is in South Dakota. The beach and camp across the river are in Nebraska.
Photo by Brian J. Butler
Brian Butler at the tri-point in the Missouri River.
Photo by Gregg A. Butler
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