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Iowa - Illinois - Wisconsin Tri-state

Coordinates (NAD27) N4230'28.7" W9038'27.3"
UTM Coordinates (NAD27) 15T 693826 4708657
UTM Coordinates (WGS84) 15T 693815 4708874
Elevation 592 feet (180.4 meters)


The topographic map of this area omits many recent changes, particularly the extension of US 61/151across the Mississippi onto Hamm Island and the construction of Dubuque Greyhound Park and Casino Hamm Island. Hamm Island also includes Miller Riverview Park, which is a municipal park with camping, and a boat ramp almost directly opposite the tri-point. We arrived in Dubuque at about 8:00 P.M on July 13, 2001 with the intention of camping at Miller Riverview, but our plans were thwarted because the park was closed due to recent flood damage. We were able to pitch tents on the sandy banks of the Mississippi just west of the park boundary however. The next morning we took our inflatable kayak to the public boat ramp, put in, and made for the opposite bank. Gregg and I took turns visiting the tri-point with the kayak and GPS, posing for pictures at the appropriate location. There was some current but it was easily managed. The only annoying thing was the tremendous number of "fish flies" covering every surface.

Photos (click to enlarge)

Brian Butler at the tri-point according to GPS. The public boat ramp is at the right margin of the photo and the Dubuque Yacht Basin is directly behind the kayak. The photo was taken from the east bank of the Mississippi.
Photo by Gregg A. Butler
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